Instructions for use Bust Size

How to apply cream Bust Size

Use cream Breast Size

Cream Bust Size shows high results, as well as a fairly easy to use. The maximum effect it is necessary to take into account the following recommendations:

  • before applying the tools you need to thoroughly wash the skin in the chest area, clean, dry completely;
  • apply the product to a by turns both breasts, light massage until it is absorbed (usually about 10 minutes);
  • RUB the cream in circular motions, starting from the lower part of the chest, in the valley, moving on the side of the armpit, such movements promote the flow of blood to the appropriate places;
  • it is important that the application is not raised areola of the nipples – you have to manage, just the skin;
  • after application to massage both Breasts for 10 minutes.

Carry out the procedure necessary, two times a day. It is important to not only apply and rub the cream and then massaging the Breasts, as this additional effect is to raise the breast.

The main activity of the cream Bust Size purpose of the natural breast augmentation. Furthermore, the use of this unique formula will have firmer Breasts, as well as the increased the skin look young "fresh".