Characteristics of rehabilitation after breast enlargement

The women's Breasts at all times was the main Canon of beauty. The age varies, and begins to SAG. The development of medical technologies, especially cosmetic surgery has opened new opportunities to keep the beautiful breast of any age. We're talking about your breast augmentation. Rehabilitation after mammoplasty is a long process.

breast augmentation, rehabilitation

What you need to know about breast implants

Women for centuries have invented many ways to increase the breast — different oils, decoctions of herbs, medicinal bath, corset steel plate.

Breast surgery (mammoplasty) is a complicated operation, during which the corrected shape of breast size, shape areola and nipple.

The biggest advantage of this method is to maintain a beautiful breast shape over the next few years, minus a lot of stress on the body surgery, because the complications and worsen the state of health one month after mammoplasty.

In order to decide, every woman should understand:

  1. To trust your life, your health, only the surgeon's name, or the appropriate licence, who works at the clinic with a good reputation. Better to trust the Agency, which did mammoplasty relatives, friends, to assess the results.
  2. Everything you need to know the possible complications of mammoplasty, their prevention and elimination, to discuss with your doctor all the points before signing the contract.
  3. A lot depends on the quality of implants that will be inserted in the mammary glands. Ideally, you should stand in the breast throughout life. The selection of implants based on individual characteristics.
  4. No less important than the operation, the rehabilitation period after mammoplasty. It is important to adhere strictly to the medical board, the responsible attitude to the health.

To go to the surgeon's knife of a woman motivated by a desire to feel the confidence to successfully build a love relationship, or a career. They often choose to for the sake of the beloved, which does not comply with the conditions of the Breasts. Mammoplasty is also assigned for medical reasons — after the removal of the breast oncology pathology, because the congenital asymmetry of the Breasts, if the Breasts are too big to pose a threat to the spine, the underdevelopment of the mammary glands, the strong, the sagging.

All kinds of plastic surgery

The list of the main types of plastic surgery of the Breasts:

  1. The breast augmentation. During the operation, is added to increase the breast implant, the breast, the woman increases the negotiated size. Mammary glands become a classic form.
  2. Breast mastopexy (breast lift). By removing the excess skin adjusts to the shape of the breast. Used sagging (ptosis).
  3. A breast lift reduce the size of, shape of the areola nipple. The traumatic possibility mammoplasty, get a multiple seams of difficult rehabilitation period.

The operation for breast implants lasts 1-4 hours, depending on the chosen tactics, as well as the condition of mammary glands. You can begin the rehabilitation after breast surgery, which according to the professionals lasts for 2-6 months.

The stages of rehabilitation after the breast augmentation

Rehabilitation after breast lift includes the following steps:

  1. The most important first stage of rehabilitation — in the first month, when a woman needs to observe a way to eliminate the stress on the shoulder girdle, not to raise hands above the head, to wear a special compression garment to the button band (day and night).
  2. In the following months, gradually removed restrictions — gymnastics, running, swimming. Discomfort goes away. At the end of the second period of the rehabilitation, the complications, the woman to wear a normal bra.

The features of the first phase of the rehabilitation

How a woman handles in the seam after mammoplasty, as well as perform the medical advice, depends on how smoothly, then the whole rehabilitation period, and the desired results of the operation.

Rehabilitation after breast augmentation lasts around 6 months. Directly after the surgery, the patient under medical supervision, within 24 hours. In the case of sudden complications, to get emergency medical care. During this period the patient suffers from severe pain caused by tissue edema, damage to the muscles. Order pain relievers, antibiotics, for the prevention of purulent inflammation of the operated areas.

Waking up after the anesthesia, it is recommended that a position half-sitting or reclining, in a few hours, then walk around the house.

On the second day, the doctor will assess the condition of the breast following mammoplasty, as well as the favourable situation that the hospital doesn't make sense, send the patient to home mode. Now, the result of the first phase of the rehabilitation period depends only on itself.

breast augmentation consequences

Home mode

The first day or two the house observed a save mode, you don't get tired, need more sleep, chores should be taken of the family members. The fifth day after the surgery, the woman comes to the clinic for follow-up appointment, if necessary, at the seams. Then the next week, gentle home treatment:

  • sleep lying on your abdomen
  • sudden movements of the hands
  • loading on the shoulder
  • decision of the body parallel to the floor
  • raise your hands above your head
  • it is possible to raise not more than 1 kg

After 7 days, the woman again passes the inspection, the clinic. 10-14 days to remove the stitches. If all goes well, then it's easy chore, but without bending forward, lifting heavy objects. The best way to gradually return to your normal life — a walk in the fresh air.

The first week after the surgery, the insertion of implants may be increased body temperature. This is the norm — the body gets used to aliena inside the body. In order to bring down the temperature, it is possible to simple paracetamol, not to create excessive load on the liver.

The rehabilitation period, it is important to eat good. Food, easy, but nutritious, and varied. A speedy recovery to contribute to, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish. To empty the toxins it is recommended to drink herbal teas, plain water without gas, ginger, lemon.

In the first month after the surgery, no sex — this can lead to the displacement of the implant. As already mentioned, the first rehabilitation period is necessary to wear a compression garment day and night.


What do you have to wear a compression garment? After the surgery, the Breasts are very vulnerable to the seam. If during this period, I will experience the severe, the breast can't stretch, your Breasts will be soft, in this case, a thin seam, it becomes a bar that will not disappear without proper treatment.

Another argument is that the silicone implants are held until the damaged tissues of the breast without fixation can migrate to the nipple. Visually, it's all effort mammoplasty zero. When the Breasts-increased by 2, more size, the muscles of the chest, shoulder girdle compression faster you get used to the new exercise.

The compression garment has a certain degree of fixing is determined by the physician. The bra is made of soft yet durable spandex, which ensures the necessary support at the same time, massage the breast, provided, lymph, the normal blood circulation. The size of the Cup to ensure a defined position of the breast — it doesn't move when bending, or turning on. Straps specified explicitly in width, the weight on his shoulders. Belt top, bottom, the bra we recommend that you select so that it is well kept chest in the same position, but didn't press the matter.

How much do you need to wear a compression garment? Everything else. In the first month of rehabilitation is worn day and night. After the required to wear during sport activities, regardless of physical activity. The time when a compression bra, you can replace the standard, as determined by the treating physician. He also proposes that the bra this model can be worn for the first six months after surgery. Some modern designs of lingerie can cause stagnation of lymph, which is the malignant diseases, there are samples that do not provide adequate support. After breast mammoplasty without aid, you can again stretch, losing the beautiful shape.

breast augmentation

Care for your stitches after mammoplasty

The operation of the correction of the breast is always accompanied by them. The rehabilitation period, it is important to properly care for them to avoid complications.

The first few days after mammoplasty can be a woman, the breast connection, in some cases, the joints must be drainage to drain excess fluid. This point is not recommended to touch the stitches to remove the bandages. Usually 3-5 days after the surgery, the doctor removes the bandage, you are out of the drainage.

While the removal of the sutures in the chest after mammoplasty, the patient wear a compression garment. It is prohibited in the wet, the joints, lubricate them, all the creams, gels or alcohol-based liquids. When you take a shower, the stitches made with sterile adhesive strips. The most important condition, in this period of rehabilitation is to prevent inflammation of the joints.

After removal of the sutures it is necessary to observe hygiene until complete healing. This usually occurs within 14-20 days. The sutures heal poorly, if a woman smoking (nicotine prevents oxygen in tissue) and the hormonal contraceptives. Risk of poor wound healing stitches are the women who are obese, and during the treatment of cancer. When implants are long-term healing of the joints — a sign of the rejection of the implant, which threatens to infectious inflammation. To speed the healing of scars, use the vacuum, closure of a wound.

So, the rehabilitation period care, operating sutures to decrease the regular change of underwear, but I keep them clean and dry.

Features of the second phase of the rehabilitation

You need to get the second phase of the rehabilitation? After 2 months after the surgery, the hard, hard left. The woman returns to the good health, the swelling goes down, the joints becoming lighter and less noticeable. Until a total rehabilitation period of 6 months, the woman needs to have a few rules:

  • to avoid the severe physical exertion which cause fatigue of the muscles
  • don't sunbathe without a bra, it's better, if not usually, the breast mammoplasty after exposure to direct sunlight
  • Solarium
  • to avoid a visit to the sauna, Russian bath, where the temperature reaches 100 °C.
  • to prevent long-term exposure of the mammary glands with water

Also during this period breast massage. In some cases, massage is not necessary, for example, when implants are teardrop-shaped. But if massage is necessary, the doctor should be told so, I'll show you how to do it. The massage can be done in approximately 15 days after surgery.

Why you need a massage:

  • enhance the blood circulation
  • to reduce the pain
  • accelerates the healing process
  • prevent the swelling

After the end of the second period you can drink alcohol, sleep in the stomach, as well as the sports.

During the second period of rehabilitation not to get pregnant, hormonal changes can lead to undesirable consequences. In addition, tissue, breast, or the channel is not yet in the correct form.

Recovery second recovery period will be faster, except if the woman is nervous, much ado about nothing. To enjoy life and your new firmer Breasts!